Posted by: sunnyharvy | April 14, 2017

Northeastern Carolina Backroads

Allow me to take you on a photograph ride along the back roads of Tyrrell County, North Carolina. I am not captioning the photos, but welcome your comments. Many of these structures are currently occupied.

Care to make an offer on this income property?



  1. The poverty in America breaks my heart. Arizona, California, Utah, New Mexico…all have housing like this or worse. As we travel we observe one small town after another dying or dead, with people scratching out a living by collecting aluminum cans, begging, or abandoning even the meager homes they have for homeless wandering.

    • Our travels on America’s back roads has certainly made us more aware of how many Americans are living in poverty. It’s pretty appalling.

  2. Al-Can Highway of the South.

  3. Great photos! Wondering if someone actually lives in the shack with the bus backed up to it for more square footage!

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