Posted by: sunnyharvy | July 17, 2012

The long haul to serenity…sort of

 Day two began with Buzz cooking us scrambled eggs for breakfast. He and Marnie were great hosts. It would have been enjoyable to spend more time with them, but we were on a mission to head north and east, so we were “on the road again” just after Boston rush hour traffic.

After several uneventful hours on major highways we headed off “Down East” to Franklin, Maine where we stayed with “Harvest Hosts” at the Shalom Organic Orchard & Winery. Harvest Hosts is an online organization where farms and wineries register to invite “Boondockers” (RV owners in search of free places to camp) to stay on their property.

Upon arrival a farm apprentice showed us where to park our rig and gave us a quick rundown on the farm’s orchards, veggie gardens, and livestock (sheep). Then it was onto the “winery” for a tasting of their fruit wines. We were pleasantly surprised to find that most were quite tasty and not too sweet. We decided to purchase a bottle each of Pear Wine and Cranberry Cyser (like cider) after also trying blueberry, kiwi, and apple.

 We paired our Cranberry Cyser with a delicious (previously prepared by Chef Chris) meal of sweet & spicy chili chicken, fresh steamed veggies, and quinoa. For dessert we enjoyed raspberries picked here today with yogurt.

 We were just settling in to a long relaxing evening when the mosquitos attached! At first we tried to delude ourselves into believing it was just one or two, but they quickly multiplied into dozens. We had our screens engaged, but quickly discovered which ones were not doing their job and got those closed quickly. By then there were at least 30 or 40 of the buzzing menaces flying around in our mini abode. We thought we were doomed. Then I remembered that I had stashed an Off Clip-On gismo, which I rapidly assembled and switched on. With that going and Al armed with a fly swatter and spray bottle of Off Family Care the battle began. Soon we found the buggers literally dropping like flies, so we squished them one-by-one to make sure they were truly dead. Soon we had dozens of little black spots in the sink and nothing flying around trying to bite us. When all was said and done each of us suffered just 2 or 3 bites. Thank goodness!

 The really good news is that it is cool tonight. It seems like weeks since I last felt a cool breeze on my skin….ahhhh!

Hot and sunny afternoon with cool evening thunder showers. 293 mile



  1. Did you pull up stakes (sell the house) and move into an RV? Or is this temporary? What advice would you have for this type of lifestyle, both pros and cons. From a land/house locked blogger. 😉

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