Posted by: sunnyharvy | July 18, 2012

Enjoying the natural world

A wide variety of beautiful bird songs awoke us. I took my bowl over to the raspberry canes and picked enough for both of us to enjoy with our cereal.

Drove to a nearby coastal hike at the Petite Manan Nature Preserve. The Hollingsworth Trail took us along granite ledges through cedar swamps and forests with a beautiful ocean cove as a reward at the end. The uneven surfaces proved a bit challenging so we felt well exercised by the time we finished a couple of hours later.

Had lunch ocean side before heading further Down East to Cobscook Bay State Park where we claimed the best camp site, took showers, and had a relaxed dinner. It is very quiet here with no electricity, cell coverage, or WiFi.

Mosquitos are a bit of a problem again, but not as bad as last night’s fiasco. Plus we’re getting a better handle on proper preventive measures.

Warm morning, hot day, warm evening. 92 miles

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