Posted by: sunnyharvy | July 22, 2012

On to Grand Manan Island

We awoke to a beautiful sunrise and a view worthy of a paid camp site. We are here for free – that’s Boondocking at its best and we are getting used to it! I took a morning walk around the ferry dock area, which is surprisingly scenic.

We boarded the first morning ferry to Grand Manan at 9:30 am. After just 90 minutes aboard we arrived in North Haven where we visited another beautiful lighthouse that required an interesting hike to reach.

Did a bit more sightseeing and shopped for fresh provisions at the local market before checking in at the Castalia Marsh Retreat. I cannot adequately describe this most unusual place, so I suggest visiting their website to take a look around. The owner (definitely an ex-hippie) has spent the past 18 years constructing funky cabins, yurts, and other structures on his marsh-side land. He also has a few tent camping sites and one for a small trailer or RV such as ours. While not for everyone, this place suits us perfectly. We settled in and enjoyed a toast with champagne our friend Claudia gave us before we left home.

First time we ever connected to hook-ups on a tree!

Took a sunset walk out through the marsh to the beach at low tide after our dinner of Grand Manan scallops stir fried with fresh veggies and quinoa.

Cool morning, warm, windy afternoon, perfect evening. 28 miles plus ferry ride

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