Posted by: sunnyharvy | July 23, 2012

Enjoying Castalia Marsh Retreat and beyond

It was nice to have the ocean horizon as my drishti this morning while practicing yoga in the “gathering place” here on the property. My body was clearly pleased to stretch out after being in our small mobile home for a week.

We packed a picnic lunch and headed out on the bikes to explore a nearby park on the marsh and a local family dulse business. Locals buy dulse by the shopping bag full and eat it “like potato chips.” We tried several samples of various types of seaweed and purchased a small back of dulse flakes to put on our salads.

Dulse processing is about as simple as can be. Pick it off the rocks in the intertidal zone – dry it on rocks spread out across your yard for 6 to 8 hours and bag it up! Not much infrastructure needed to get into this business. Grand Manan supposedly provides the best dulse available and ships it around the to be sold primarily in health food stores.

You just gotta love a place that still uses a hand drawn map for tourists!

This afternoon Al helped James, the retreat’s owner, trim several tree branches from the drive to make it easier for our tall vehicle and others to gain entry.

Sunny & windy. 0 miles

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