Posted by: sunnyharvy | August 6, 2012

St. John’s to Pouch Cove

Today it was time to check out of Pippy Park Campground and return to our Newfoundland tour. We spent most of the day on the usual logistics – laundry, pump-out, water fill, internet, phone calls, food shopping, etc.

After lunch we headed to one of St. John’s major tourist attractions at Signal Hill where the first transatlantic wireless message was received in 1901 by Guglielmo Marconi. The hill rises 600 feet above the entrance to St. John’s Harbor and affords expansive views in all directions. At the top of the hill is Cabot Tower built in 1897, which houses displays about the historic site.

We then found our way out of town in a northerly direction to visit Pouch Cove where we are now camped for the night.

Sunny & warm. 51 miles


  1. Wonderful pictures and really nice to see the site where modern radio, and for that matter TV technology got started.

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