Posted by: sunnyharvy | August 7, 2012

South onto the Avalon Peninsula

Fishing boat staging at Pouch Cove

I took a walk around this campground this morning and learned from the owner’s mother that it had been a Provincial Park until 13 years ago when the government sold it to an enterprising young man who has been improving the camping facility while adding a water park. He has bought several used water slides and pools and is setting them up near the lake shore. It seems incongruous to me in this beautiful natural setting, but he says it’s popular with the seasonal campers as well as day visitors.

We drove back down the coast to St John’s to see Quidi Vidi Village. This historical fishing village is considered a “must see” and while parts of it are picturesque we did not find it too enthralling.

We then drove out to Cape Spear Lighthouse and did a bit of a hike there. When we were ready to leave, haRVy did another of his “start error” problems (explained in a previous post). Luckily Al now has the drill down and we were on our way again after just a few minutes. It is worrisome that this problem recurs, but we hope we can wait until we get home to get it fixed as it is not likely that we will find a mechanic around here that would even know how to begin. Keeping fingers crossed.

We then briefly visited Maddox Cove and Petty Harbor before finding a spot to boondock in Bay Bulls. This is the first time we’ve actually just pulled over to camp by the side of the road. Everyone says “you can just camp anywhere,” but finding a spot that is not intruding on personal property or right next to a busy road is not easy. Right now we are at the end of a dead-end residential street in a gravel clearing. It’s actually pretty nice as we are high above the harbor where the air is fresh and cool. We are surrounded by wild flowers and it is very quiet. We are hoping nobody takes offense to our being here and that they just leave us be.

Hot, sunny and windy. 76 miles


  1. Happy Boondocking!

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