Posted by: sunnyharvy | August 9, 2012

From cod fish to blueberries

The view from our “upstairs” bedroom this morning

After a night of intermittent rain and gusty winds, the scent of the sea and the cries of seabirds woke us to a beautiful calm morning. We watched the fishing boats come and go and learned that they are catching cod for personal consumption only – 5 per day per person aboard up to a maximum of 15 fish a day. This restriction is set by the fisheries due to depletion of stock.

The scene in this harbor is lovely. We are nearly surrounded with water with the harbor on one side and the ocean on the other. I took a walk and too many photos before heading out on the road again. We were lucky to find a good (and friendly!) supermarket here so we replenished our provisions.

Our new (temporary) best friend

Anybody want to buy a lighthouse and a lot of land?

Heading down the Avalon Peninsula on Route 10, we drove through vast expanses of land accented by rocky rivers, numerous lakes, ponds and pretty harbors. The land became more barren the closer we got to the southern tip. There were lots of rock and low vegetation with hardly any trees and few signs of civilization.

At lunch time we ventured off the highway into Trepassey where a narrow causeway and signs pointing towards a historic site beckoned. Before lunch we took a hike to the site and were rewarded with astounding views and wild blueberries.

We proceeded to drive north on the other side of the peninsula. With no particular destination in mind we plugged the town of Brigus into the GPS. Upon arrival we fund the town preparing for their event of the season – the blueberry festival. Despite no parking signs posted all around town, we found a place to camp next to another RV. They told us that they often camp here for free. We shall see if that holds true for festival weekend. Brigus is a lovely little town. We took a walk around at sunset appreciating several stunning seascapes.

Warm and sunny (again!). 141 miles

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