Posted by: sunnyharvy | August 17, 2012

Greenspond to Fogo Island

Looks like these fisher folks spent the night out here

Last night we enjoyed stargazing from our pillows through the skylight above our heads. No lights for miles and no moon provided quite an array of constellations. It was a bit cool so we used the comforter the first time this trip. Looks like summer may be over.

We visited Newtown, which claims to be the “Venice of the North.” While we don’t agree with that, it is a very scenic village built on rocky isles. We also cruised through Musgrave Harbour and had lunch at some old fishing docks in Frederickton and took some photos of dilapidated buildings on the road to Farewell (literally and figuratively).

From Farewell we caught the ferry to Fogo Island. We had to wait quite a while as it was running behind schedule (not that we knew what that schedule was anyway), but the seas died down while we waited, so that was OK. We also took time to cook and eat dinner while we waited…a distinct advantage to traveling in an RV. Speaking of which, now that we are here we can’t imagine traveling this province any other way. There are VERY few restaurants on most of these roads and most of them serve the same deep fried fish, chicken & chips! In addition, there are virtually no public restrooms either.

We got to Fogo Island with just enough time to find a waterfront boondocking site before dark.

Cloudy and cool (low 60’s). 141 miles

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