Posted by: sunnyharvy | August 16, 2012

Terra Nova – this is Newfoundland

Terra Nova National Park receives our “Best Facilities” award for their heated and nicely tiled shower rooms plus the campground café with excellent internet access and homemade meals. These amenities provided a valued respite from life on the road.

On our way out to see Salvage we spied a sign for “Organic Vegetables” – hallelujah! Good veggies of any kind are getting a bit tough to find and organic few and far between, to say the least. We were very excited to find Jason’s beautiful garden where his Australian assistant freshly picked chard, kale, salad greens, onions and squash right off the plants for us!

After viewing and photographing picturesque Salvage, we stopped for lunch at a gorgeous sandy beach for lunch and a stroll. Sandy beaches are quite rare in Newfoundland so we were pleased to find one when we had time to enjoy it. The sound of the breaking waves was music to my ears and the soft sand between my toes felt fantastic. Some folks were even in swimming! We didn’t expect to see that here. I got my toes wet and it felt OK, but it didn’t make me want to put on my bathing suit.

Al said that the mountainous islands and peninsulas surrounded by so much water made him feel like he was visiting the “Caribbean of the north.”

Heading further westward we proceeded onto “The road to the shore.” Newfoundland names all of its scenic drives. The afternoon was absolutely brilliant with stunning clear sunny skies and cool temperatures in the low 60’s. The water was an extraordinary shade of deep sapphire blue.

We detoured to Greenspond on the recommendation of the guy who filled our propane tank earlier today and was it ever worth it. Upon looking down on the town from an overlook, I declared, “Now, this is Newfoundland!” This is the type of scenery I expected to find here.

It was getting late so we started looking for a place to boondock. We saw a few older RVs and trailers in an area we liked, but there were no signs identifying it as public or private. We pulled over and asked a woman about it and she said it was an abandoned campground that people stayed in for free. That works for us! We found a spot, ate dinner and enjoyed a lovely sunset.

Very cool, cloudy morning turning into a brilliant afternoon in the 60s. 119 miles


  1. oo oo Gorgeous!! Raining here today, at last, in the 60s

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