Posted by: sunnyharvy | August 15, 2012

Terra Nova National Park

We’ve been kicking back a bit the last couple of days. Moving every day gets tiresome after a while, so we have been taking advantage of the facilities here at Terra Nova National Park. Yesterday we did a bit of bike riding and hiking within the campground and then spent a few hours online at the internet café, getting caught up with the real world while we have an excellent connection. We also enjoyed a surprisingly delicious homemade lunch there. Some friends we met on the road a couple of days ago showed up so we had a bit of a chat with them too.

Mostly cloudy and warm. 0 miles

Today we took haRVy out to explore a bit more of the park. Had a quick look around the Visitor Center and got some information on some paddling locations. Sandy Pond and its tributaries seemed to fit our criteria, so we headed off to paddle there this afternoon. Even though Newfoundland has plenty of bodies of water, it has been surprisingly difficult to find one that we could actually gain access to. Today’s paddle was extremely enjoyable and reminded us of some of our favorite waterways in the Adirondacks.

Drove back to camp for dinner and to do laundry. On the road again tomorrow.

Cloudy and cool. 23 miles

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