Posted by: sunnyharvy | August 21, 2012

Another ferry ride!

I took an early walk around the foggy campground before enjoying a mélange of fresh berries with my cereal for breakfast. The catchy name of the campground is Shanawdithit – say that three times quickly! I doubt they get many referrals since nobody can remember the name.

On the advice of friends at home, we headed to yet another offshore destination – Little Bay Islands. Once off the highway, the paved road was extremely bumpy. Then, it turned to dirt! We began to think our friends had tricked us, but we eventually came upon a substantial ferry dock in what felt like the middle of nowhere. There was nobody else there. Eventually three more vehicles boarded with us and we had some interesting conversation with one guy who grew up in this very small community.

The 45-minute ferry ride out the passage was beautiful. It reminded us of the Inside Passage in Alaska, albeit on a much smaller scale.

After driving off the ferry we hiked Pole Hill to view (the only) town from 400-feet above. What a treat that was! We found a spot to camp (no campgrounds here) on the far side of the harbor with a gorgeous view back toward town (and the sunset, had there been one) and hiked out to Back Beach. Since we settled in and ate dinner relatively early, we had plenty of time to relax, listen to our favorite romantic violin music, and watch the changing sky as a brief thunderstorm blew through.

Foggy, cloudy, then sunny and warm. 101 miles + ferry

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