Posted by: sunnyharvy | August 22, 2012

A little bit of paradise

The morning view from our “upstairs” bedroom window

There’s only one ferry a day so we’re here for just under 24 hours, whether we want to be or not. Luckily, we’re happy to be sequestered in this sweet little community. Nearly every house on the island faces towards each other around the perimeter of the most pleasing little bay (hence “Little Bay” Islands). There are absolutely no amenities for tourists (or locals for that matter) here. No places to stay, camp, eat, or buy anything! Up until just a few years ago it had a large state-of-the-art crab processing plant, but there is no longer any gainful employment so most of the residents are retirees. Some of the summer residents are from the states.

We rode our bikes everywhere we could for a couple of hours and also took two hikes to lookouts. Their trails are almost entirely made up of elevated wooden pathways that they obviously spent a lot of time building. They even placed his and hers outhouses and a picnic table at each trail’s end.

We also had the unique experience of hand pumping our drinking water from the town’s artesian well.

The ferry departed at 3 pm. Unfortunately, we sustained some damage to the lower bracket on our kayak rack driving off at Shoal Arm due to the pitch of the ramp. Al was able to put things back together in what seems to be a satisfactory manner, at least temporarily.

A couple hours of driving west on Route 1, The Trans Canadian Highway, brought us to Deer Lake where we will stock up on supplies again before entering Gros Morne National Park tomorrow.

Mostly sunny & warm. Ferry ride + 98 miles.


  1. wonderful! I love the early morning view and the artesian water 😉 All so so beautiful. Good thing Al is the handy engineer he is – you two are a great team

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