Posted by: sunnyharvy | August 25, 2012

Paddling the pond

Today we kayaked nearby Trout Pond. Launched in lower pond and paddled through the narrows into the upper pond amidst spectacular scenery. This turned out to be more arduous than anticipated with the round trip taking nearly five hours, including several rest breaks. We were glad that I had packed plenty of snacks and lunch because we needed the fortification.

We went to the Discovery Center to make phone calls and reservations for the legendary boat cruise on Western Brook Pond fjord. Tomorrow we leave this campground to go to the north side of Gros Morne National Park. The park is divided into two separate sections by Bonne Bay so we have a bit of driving to do to get over there. I’m sure there will be plenty of sight-seeing to do along the way before we find a new camp spot for the next few nights.

Cloudy morning, sunny and warm afternoon. 26 miles

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