Posted by: sunnyharvy | August 26, 2012

It’s a rainy day in Newfoundland

Today was the first day of really bad weather that we’ve experienced since starting this vacation 41 days ago (but who’s counting, right?) and even this could have been worse. It began cloudy with a bit of drizzle and built to some real rain with a strong westerly breeze. By late afternoon the rain had stopped while the warm winds continued to blow, which made for some exhilarating beach walking.

As mentioned yesterday, today we had to drive over to the north side of the park on the opposite shore of Bonne Bay that virtually divides the park in half. We had hoped to take a hike or two along the way, but the weather pretty much confined us to the car. Norris Point was very disappointing, but we did have a surprisingly nice lunch at a little café in Rocky Harbour.

At 5 o’clock we found a beautiful campsite right on the ocean front where we watched the surf build and took a walk on the beach.

It’s hard for me to believe but in this campground that has no electricity or plumbing we have WiFi access right from our campsite. We had it at our last campground too…amazing!

Windy, rainy at times and warm. 79 miles

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