Posted by: sunnyharvy | August 27, 2012

Seas, beaches and a fjord

Winds and seas were much calmer by the time we arose this morning and the beach was beautiful.

We drove back to Rocky Harbour for provisions, diesel fuel, and tickets for this afternoon’s boat ride. The grocery stores in this part of Newfoundland leave a LOT to be desired, so our diet over the next few days won’t be up to our usual standards, but I’m sure we’ll survive.

Headed north again to Shallow Bay Campground to claim a camp site and have lunch. This campground is located near a beautiful wide crescent shaped sandy beach. We hope to take a nice long walk there tomorrow morning.

We then drove to the parking lot for Western Brook Pond where we started the 3 km hike to the boat dock. The boat left the dock at 4 pm, which turned out to be the best trip of the day because some of the haze left from yesterday’s storm had finally cleared, which measurably improved visibility.

While not technically a fjord, as Western Brook Pond was cut off from the ocean thousands of years ago, the depth of the water and tremendous height of the surrounding walls makes it feel like one. The 2-hour ride was a truly extraordinary experience.

After the hike back, we began the drive back to camp. We soon saw a sign advertising pizza available nearby. I was too tired to cook so we decided to pick up one to go. We were delighted to find that they offered a veggie option and even more pleased to find that it was quite good and that all the veggies were fresh – even the mushrooms! I’m not sure where they got the veggies, since none of the stores around here sell them, but we were sure happy to eat them.

Hazy sun and warm. 72 miles

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