Posted by: sunnyharvy | August 29, 2012

From miserable to sublime

Yesterday was only the second day during this trip that I didn’t take any photos due to extremely windy and rainy weather. We slowly made our way up the coast of the Northern Peninsula to Port au Choix where we camped behind a motel for a bit of protection from the gale force winds.

The one bright spot was running into our new friends from Colorado – Keith & Cheryl. We camped beside each other and spent the late afternoon hours sharing travel stories in their trailer and during the evening Al entertained them with his videos on haRVy’s TV.

Rain all day. Very windy afternoon. 90 miles

Today is the mid-point of our intended 90 day adventure. I can’t believe we’re going to stay out that much longer, but there is definitely no shortage of things to see and enjoy in this road trip!

The morning sky was a welcome clear blue with puffy white clouds and a cool, light breeze. I took a walk along the beach to check out the flotsam from the storm and was very disappointed to see that the majority of it was plastic…ugh.

We toured the National Historic Site Interpretation Center where we learned about several different peoples who have lived in the Port au Choix area over the past 4500 years. We also visited the Heritage Center where we watched a film about more recent history when, in the 1950’s, the government relocated thousands of people from distant outports to more accessible locations where new communities were formed. This was one of those areas.

We couldn’t tell yesterday, due to the driving rain, but it is very pretty here with broad beaches, deep bays, and forested islands.
The GPS reported “no turns for 116 miles,” as we headed north again. There is only one road to take. Luckily it provides stunning scenery as it travels between the ocean and distant mountains. When no mountains are in sight, wide open spaces filled with trees and ponds took their place.

Can’t call it a road trip without a couple of “through the windshield” shots.

We were very surprised at the number of towns, or outports as they call them, all along this route. These towns did not have roads connecting them until the 1960’s. We stopped in Black Duck Cove to have our lunch next to a bustling wharf where 3 semi-tractor trucks pulled in to pick up freshly caught seafood in just the 45 minutes we were there.

“Feels like an amusement ride, Al said as the last 60 miles of highway was very bouncy and bumpy. The vast scenic terrain under the beautiful blue skies was truly awesome.

We reached our destination, Pistolet Bay Provincial Park, just shy of the northernmost tip of the peninsula, at 5 o’clock. We settled into our site, went for a walk, and took advantage of the on-site laundry facilities before dinner.

Sunny, breezy, cool to warm. 135 miles

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