Posted by: sunnyharvy | August 30, 2012

Norseman or Vikings?

The campground is surrounded by beautiful bogs

Do you know that all Vikings are Norseman, but not all Norseman are Vikings? We do now!

We had a great time exploring L’Anse aux Meadows today. This is the site where Vikings purportedly first landed in North America 1000 years ago. The interpretation center and film are excellent as is the recreated Norse work station, which is what historians believe was here, not an actual village.

We lunched at The Norseman, reportedly the best fine dining establishment in all of Newfoundland. From what we’ve seen, that isn’t saying much, but it is a delight. I know that some folks will want to know exactly what we ate, so here goes. I had buttercup soup, salad and the best salmon cakes imaginable. Al had a salad and crab quesadilla (this far from Mexico?) that looked nothing like what you’d get at Tito’s. Dessert was partridgeberry pie with ice cream and lemon citrus cake with raspberry coulis, which looked divine, but Al wouldn’t let me taste!

Our first moose sighting. Sorry I didn’t have my telephoto lens.

We spent the rest of the afternoon driving around the area visiting various beautiful coves, overlooks, and outports. The natural beauty of this area is magnificent and the people are the friendliest yet! We originally were not sure we would drive all the way up here, but now we are really glad we did.

Mostly cloudy and cool. 67 miles


  1. Always thought there might be a little Viking in you. Didn’t realize what an adventure you were on – interesting country – looks like tough living though for the residents.

  2. the landscape is mystical. good thing that all Norsemen were not Vikings, not exactly likable people, although indeed formidable

  3. “Work Station” probably meant “no women.”

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