Posted by: sunnyharvy | August 31, 2012

Sensory delight at the end of the road

Heading out to Cape Onion we were discouraged by the terrible road conditions. Luckily there was no place to turn around because the end of the road (literally) proved to be phenomenal. This is the furthest north we can travel here and it was well worth the effort. We spent a couple of hours shooting too many photos and videos as well as eating lunch and sitting back to take it in with all of our senses.

We also stopped at Raleigh to take a few quick photos of this fishing village where tourists can live the Newfoundland outport life for a few days.

That is not a teepee, it is how they dry their firewood. You see these all over Newfoundland.

We then drove over to St. Anthony for a dose of reality to do some grocery shopping since the cupboards were nearly bare. While there we visited the Grenfell museum and gift shop plus a lighthouse and park. Toured several more outports via more bumpy roads before heading back to Pistolet Provincial Park for our third and last night here.

Cloudy and cool with some rain. 76 miles

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