Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 1, 2012

Riding with the wind

It is September 1st and autumn has arrived in northern Newfoundland. The temperature was 43 degrees when we woke up (haRVy has an excellent diesel cabin heater) and rose to a whopping 48 this afternoon. Time to head south again! Actually, the forecast calls for a warming trend over the next ten days, but I don’t know how long that will last.

This morning we were uncertain about driving since it was both rainy and windy so we slept in, took showers and at a leisurely breakfast. We then drove down to the WiFi station and checked the weather. The winds were predicted to be heavy but behind our backs, so we decided to go for it and we are now very happy we did because we got all the way back down the Northern Peninsula to the campground at Shallow Bay in Gros Morne National Park by 6 o’clock. After dinner the clouds cleared the horizon just in time to treat us to a gorgeous sunset.

On our way down the coast we stopped at Arches Provincial Park to take a look at the natural rock formations there.

As a side note, I’d like to mention the garden plots alongside the highways. The locals plant their root veggies (apparently the only thing that grows here) there because the crews have plowed the earth and brought in soil next to the roads, whereas their own yards are practically solid rock. A few of the gardeners festoon their plots with colorful scarecrows providing some roadside amusement.

Very cool, windy with intermittent showers. 209 miles

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