Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 3, 2012

From bumpy to magnificent

We reluctantly said our last goodbyes to Gros Morne National Park as another beautiful sunny morning developed. We decided that the park is a cross between the Adirondacks and Yosemite.

We left the campground via the longest, bumpiest gravel road we’ve encountered…ugh.

Drove south a bit on Highway 1 and then turned west to embark on a new “end of the road” adventure. The views were grand with craggy hills, long lakes, serene rivers, and big bays abundant.

Ate lunch dockside at Cox’s Cove on the Bay of Islands where the traffic was disappointingly busy. It seemed that the locals had nothing better to do on this holiday than to cruise Main Street in their pick-up trucks. We even saw one towing a boat down the street on wooden runners…strange!

Our lunch time view

On our way out we spied a nice spot near a launch ramp and decided to stop there and call it a day at 3 o’clock. It was nice to stop driving early enough to leisurely enjoy the afternoon and evening. While we were hanging out we met Colette, an ex-patriot from North Carolina who moved to Canada in the 70’s and now owns a rental property next door to where we parked as well as an organic farm and art gallery/studio. We had quite a nice visit chatting about this and that.

After dinner we enjoyed another sunset, this one was over Humber Arm.

Mostly sunny and cool to warm. 90 miles

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