Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 4, 2012

To the end of the road…again

View from the breakfast table and some neighborhood shots below.

Today we drove back off the northern side of Humber Arm and out the southern side to Lark Harbour, Little Port, Bottle Cove and Blow Me Down Provincial Park. I had not read anything about this area so we did not know what to expect. The surprise was a true pleasure as we were once again rewarded at the end of the road with incredible natural beauty. We hiked at bottle Cove to Captain Cook’s “Trails End,” which we do not yet know the significance of.

We enjoyed yet another outstanding afternoon with sunny skies, warm temperatures and sparkling seas. We can’t believe the luck we’ve had with the weather so far and apparently, either can the locals who continue to remark that this is the best summer ever. We are grateful to be here now.

Sunny and warm. 63 miles

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