Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 5, 2012

Blow me down, Provincial Park that is

Can you find haRVy in this photo?

Drove haRVy down to the campground beach to have breakfast by the shore. Just one other couple here this morning so it is very quiet, as it was last night too. The season has apparently come to an abrupt halt now that Labour Day is behind us. No more screaming kids in the campgrounds…hurray!

After breakfast we climbed the “Governor’s Staircase,” which begins below the level of high tide. Luckily the tide was low this morning so we were able to reach the bottom stair without getting wet. The first few flights (of MANY) are built under overhanging rock, so it almost feels as if you are ascending inside a cave. After a total of over 450 steps we were treated to another beautiful panoramic view of land and seascape.

The number of hiking trails all across this province is amazing. Every single village seems to have a few. The amount of work that has gone into building the boardwalks and staircases is truly remarkable. We suspect that they could be part of a government support make-work program, but that has not yet been officially confirmed. Whatever the case, we are grateful to take advantage of their substantial efforts and happy to be able enough to enjoy them.

We drove back off this side of Humber Arm to do a major grocery shop in Corner Brook, the only sizable city in the west. What a pleasure it was to see a substantial produce department again! We then headed south for a little over an hour and parked ourselves in Stephensville in a quiet area between the beach and a small airport. Even though the sky was mostly cloudy, we were treated to a very nice, long sunset after dinner.

Mostly sunny and warm. 86 miles

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