Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 8, 2012

Getting ahead of Leslie

Returning from my photo walk this morning a local pulled up in his car and said, “Enjoying a lovely spot are ya?” At least that’s what I think he said as his accent was thick and his teeth few.

We have found the people of Newfoundland extraordinarily friendly. Last night there was a gathering at the nearby community center and one of the attendees walked over to haRVy and invited us to join them. They were celebrating a recent wedding with a potluck, music and storytelling (a favorite pastime here). Here we are bumming a free place to stay in their neighborhood and they welcome us with open arms. We found this to be true all across the province, nearly to a person.

Have you been wondering what’s inside all those sheds? Looks like a “man cave” to me!

Heading a bit further east on Route 470 (once again to the end of the road and back) we were astounded by more beautiful bays, coves, and ponds surrounding charming outports. These towns were not connected by road until the 60’s and electrified in the 70’s. Al just couldn’t stop saying, “Look at that!” We drove in and out of every little narrow, bumpy road as Al has gotten accustomed to the sport of driving here. The only stone lighthouse in Canada, at Rose Blanche, afforded us a beautiful coastal hike.

It was 4 o’clock, but Al didn’t want to stop exploring on this, our last full day here so we headed back west to Cape Ray where some folks we spoke with earlier said they saw whales today. No whale viewing for us, but we did enjoy a lovely walk along the rocky shore and a beautiful view during dinner.

My videographer at work

The weather radio predicted gale winds for noon tomorrow so we decided to high tail it to the ferry terminal for the midnight sailing rather than risk the chance of getting stuck here for up to 3 days as effects from Hurricane Leslie are predicted to stir things up further on Tuesday.

The incredible scenery in Newfoundland is endless. One would need a lifetime to see it all. We feel we took in as much as possible in the five weeks we visited.

Cloudy to sunny & warm, back to cloudy. 89 miles


  1. This looks like the most beautiful spot yet !

  2. Leslie, That is so funny. Looks like we parked in the same place!!!!

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