Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 9, 2012

Goodbye Newfoundland, hello again Nova Scotia

The crossing was smooth and sleeping in the recliner seats not too awful. We arrived in North Sydney, Nova Scotia at 8 am and proceeded to the nearest MacDonalds to get a weather update on their WiFi, change clothes and cook breakfast (no egg mcmuffins for us). Looks like we could be in for 2 to 3 days of wind and rain, but Leslie’s effects are not predicted to be severe.

Since it wasn’t raining yet, we drove out to the Louisbourg National Historic Site where we thoroughly enjoyed this recreation of the French Settlement that stood on the site in the mid-18th Century. The construction (25 years in the making) is a marvel, the re-enactors informative and entertaining, and the authentic lunch delicious.

The lack of sleep caught up to us by mid-afternoon so we made our way to the Mira River Provincial Park and gratefully tucked ourselves into haRVy’s comfortable bed for the night.

Cloudy and foggy, warm. Ferry ride plus 71 miles


  1. All that stonework! does Nova Scotia feel immediately different than Newfoundland?

  2. love the period costumes!

  3. There’s a reason the motto on Quebec’s license plates roughly translates “I will remember.” The French love to hold grudges. England understood demographics better than France or else Louisbourg would have been their citadel in N. America. The waves of British immigrants were, I think a 5:1 advantage over the French, thus making the Seven Years War (a/k/a The French & Indian War) almost a foregone conclusion. Glad to have signed up for your diary.

  4. Yes Janne, it does feel VERY different. In many ways Newfoundland is like traveling back in time. Nova Scotia is definitely fully in the 21st century. Of course, Louisbourg is a different story!

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