Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 17, 2012

Beach day!

Lunch time view

Walks on three different beaches in one day…I must be in heaven!

But first, here are a few parting shots of Cardigan where we began our morning.

Before departing Cardigan we went to Lloyd’s Meats, highly recommended by our Murray Harbour host Wendy. Lloyd is a man passionate about his meats. He didn’t have any grass fed beef today, but I bought a beautiful pastured pork tenderloin, some ground free range chicken, plus his special “private blend” wild mushroom sausage. Should make for some good eatin’ in the days ahead. PEI is much more conducive to buying local as it seems to be filled with folks passionate about what they produce.

Heading further north up the western shore of PEI we got a little lost and wound up on a red dirt road. Luckily it was hard packed and our GPS knew where we were when we got to the end.

Windshield shot

We went out to Spry Point for lunch and unexpectedly found a beautiful red sand beach there. We walked the length of it under a bright sunny sky and stuck our toes in the water, which didn’t feel too terribly cold.

Later, after passing many more beautiful bays we walked on the beach at Basin Head and experienced the “singing” sands that they highly publicize. Not much of a thrill, but a very pretty beach nonetheless.

At East Point, the northeastern-most tip of the island, we viewed yet another lighthouse. We have seen so many now that I didn’t even bother taking a photo of this one since it didn’t have any distinctive style.

Shortly after rounding the point we turned in to Campbell Cove Campground where yet another beautiful beach was waiting, which I walked just before sunset. Looking forward to having the sound of the waves lull me to sleep tonight.

Brilliantly sunny, windy, cool to warm. 79 miles


  1. Yep, I’ve stood exactly where you did when you took the first picture for today’s post. PEI definitely is a favorite. Before you leave, inquire about real estate prices — you may be startled by the bargains to be had (at least it was that was in 2002). Jim Roehm

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