Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 18, 2012

A little Cape Cod on PEI

We did indeed get lulled to sleep by the nearby ocean waves, but it was difficult to shut our eyes due to the spectacular display the stars provided…wow! I think this was only about the third time I have been somewhere dark enough to actually distinguish the Milky Way. Needless to say it was a wondrous experience!

This lovely private campground has many personal touches that you just don’t see at the Provincial or National Park Campgrounds. The owner here obviously puts her heart into it. We enjoyed our brief stay very much, especially the beach over which it perches.


Beach Buddha?

We drove west along the north shore visiting Shipwreck Point and taking a short hike on a trail overlooking beautiful St. Peters Bay where extensive mussel farms are anchored. Much of the PEI National Park that runs along the shore here reminds us of Provincetown on Cape Cod with sand dunes and broad beaches. 


Later in the afternoon we once again found ourselves on a dirt road. Unfortunately, this one became deeply rutted and narrow so we had to back out at least a half a mile.

We couldn’t find a good boondocking spot so we headed for the Cabot Beach Provincial Park near Malpeque as the sun was setting. This must not be our lucky day as it was already closed for the season. Luckily there is a commercial fishing harbor nearby and we found a spot to park overlooking the bay.

Sunny and warm. Windy evening. 143 miles

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