Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 19, 2012

Enjoying closed parks

We were aroused this morning by work on the fishing wharf. We got a few looks from the local fishermen as we raised our shades and drove away from their work area. Oh well, the place was nice and quiet last night, except for the howling winds that are bringing some foul weather our way.

Before leaving the Malpeque harbor area, we took long walk around the closed Provincial Park that we attempted to camp at yesterday. It is a huge area encompassing an entire point of land overlooking the ocean on three sides. Quite lovely, especially when you’re the only 2 people on over 400 acres of land!

Along our route toward Tignish, we found another closed Provincial park at Port Hill, which provided another quiet respite for lunch and an additional walk. Acres of fall dandelions provided a colorful backdrop that I just had to photograph.

The gusty winds continued throughout the day, so the going was slow but steady. In Tyne Valley we stopped at “The Doctor’s Inn,” a B&B, restaurant, and organic farm where I purchased fresh picked “while you watch” veggies and freshly laid eggs.

The rain began in earnest around 4 o’clock as the terrain became increasing rural as we got further from the more populated areas. A bit of color change is becoming evident on some of the foliage.

We arrived at our Rhode Island friend Jim O’Connor’s property at Tignish Shore at 5 and got ourselves positioned to hunker-down for a day or two as the storm comes through. It is rainy and windy, but the temperature is still pleasant today. After dinner the rain and sky cleared (temporarily) and we got out to observe a colorful sunset and rainbow over the ocean. We are both looking forward to more explorations as the weather permits.

Cloudy, very windy, afternoon rain. 125 miles


  1. such a beautiful sunset!!

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