Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 24, 2012

Return to Bay of Fundy

We had another nice visit with our hosts Melanie and Charles last night after dinner. They are fellow travelers and former yacht cruisers, so we have a lot of similar experiences to discuss. Nice folks. We are glad we met them and grateful for their generosity.

This morning we drove through some very pretty farmland back to Amherst for provisions. Along the way we stopped to buy fresh eggs at a dairy farm. Then we headed to Joggins for lunch and a quick walk on the ocean floor at the fossil center there.

A fossilized tree in the cliffs at Joggins Fossil Center

We met a couple in another Sprinter RV conversion in the parking lot at Joggins. They lived in their 19-footer for TWO YEARS, including a 6 month trip to Alaska! We had a good time comparing our vehicles, but still feel ours is absolutely the best for us…even after 9 weeks aboard.

Our new acquaintances warned us of some very rough roads ahead, so we took an alternate inland route to get to the southern shore of this peninsula. That route provided what Al referred to as “Blueberry Fields Forever” as a takeoff on the Beatle’s song. There were acres and acres of blueberry fields in every direction for several miles. Unfortunately, they had been harvested some time ago. It was still beautiful as the foliage was bright red.

The coast road heading west from Parrsboro wound around and up and down with forested hills on one side and the Bay of Fundy on the other providing gorgeous views at every turn.

We drove out to Advocate Harbor and Big Beach at Advocate for a quick look around and then doubled back a few miles to a seaside campground we had spotted on the way in at Spencers Island (town named after a nearby uninhabited island). The site was a shipyard in the late 19th century and early 20th century and the lighthouse here serves as a tiny museum with some interesting artifacts and historical notations about the schooners and brigantines that were launched here.

Nice rig…cost more than the average home.

The setting is lovely and we enjoyed another beautiful sunset. Even though it actually set behind us the “backset” was nearly as vibrant and we enjoyed it as we dined in haRVy.

Sunny, cool to warm. 120 miles

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