Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 24, 2012

Is anybody out there?

I would be pleased if more readers submitted comments.

Please let me know what you think of posts that particularly interest you. 



  1. Guess I am just speechless with wonder at all the beauty and grandeur you find everywhere you go!
    Seems to be a great place to live, too, as the residents are so wonderfully hospitable.
    Plus not having to listen to the constant barrage of pre-election propaganda from all sides—must be heaven.
    It is truly a delight to read and enjoy the photos; thanks for being so faithful to the task 🙂

  2. I think you have a wonderful blog, I look forward to every posting.

  3. I enjoy that you are posting details from your travels. I intend to review them in the future when travel takes me that way. We’d always appreciate boondocking ideas and great hiking and boating ideas. Keep posting!

  4. especially enjoy the sunset pix! and the lighthouses. and the waterviews. and the…everything!

    thanks for blogging your adventures so we can all ride along!


  5. Enjoying your sojourn reporting, Leslie. Comments now always necessary. Maybe a reference to the province you are in would help with orienting where you are. Surprised its not more cold up dere.

  6. I left comments…….wonderful trip you are having.

  7. Ohhh Goody!! Look at all the comments!!

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