Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 25, 2012

From one coast to another

Spectacular coastal views appeared at nearly every turn as we returned easterly along the Bay of Fundy.

After spending the night at The Old Shipyard Campground, we decided to learn more about the local shipbuilding history at the nearby “Age of Sail” museum. Our effort to do so was thwarted as they are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. We did tour their outdoor displays and peered through the windows at what appeared to be a well-organized and quaint exhibit hall. This coastline was a major shipbuilding area in the days of wooden brigs and schooners in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

We took our lunch break at 5 Islands Lighthouse Park and also visited the nearby Provincial Park.

The woman clamming in the photo above this one claimed her rightful parking spot at this sign

Melanie and Charlie told us about “The Damn Dutchman” who makes farmstead Gouda cheese, so we ventured down a dirt driveway to check that out. My sister would have been very disappointed if if I did not, as she is quite proud of our Dutch heritage. They have a full on cheese making operation and tasting room as well as a menagerie of animals and birds around the property. The cheese is excellent and I purchased aged, cumin and smoked varieties.

This old sign used to hang out on the highway, but the neighbors protested due to the use of the swear word damn, so the new one just says The Dutchman…boring

Once we completed our tour of that area, we got on Highway 104 to head to our next destination – the northeast shore of New Brunswick. Heavy winds forced us on to smaller roads on which we could travel more slowly (and more safely with our tall rig). We reached the shore and found a parking spot near a fishing harbor at Petit Cap just before sunset.

Sunny, cool to warm. 163 miles


  1. Ah … New Brunswick … Maine with a Maple Leaf.

  2. Love the Dutchman – was the cheese good? Cumin sounds interesting. Love clams too – but what a job….

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