Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 27, 2012

A bit cool in the shade

Today was an absolutely gorgeous sunny, although quite cool (high of 60F,) day so we decided to do it all!

After a blueberry pancake breakfast we got on our bikes and road several miles on the park’s perfect (flat & well maintained hard pack gravel) bike paths. Along the way we also hiked a boardwalk trail across to an island then on to a very long barrier beach. We watched two eagles fly relatively close by and then land further away with at least ten others.

We returned to the campsite for a quick lunch before taking a short drive to launch our kayaks into the Major Kollock Creek. The creek was not navigable upstream for long so we also paddled out into the bay, which is protected by the aforementioned barrier beach. There are actually three long skinny barrier islands that protect this lagoon. Grey heron were all around us as we paddled. It’s amazing how many of them are here. I guess the fishing must be really good.

We really enjoyed ourselves in this beautiful park today. It suits our needs perfectly. We may even return someday when we can take better advantage of the beaches. Of course, at that time we won’t enjoy the solitude we did today. Nobody else was on either the bike trail or the bay and we only saw five other people on the boardwalk, the most popular hike in the park. We felt like we had this vast natural amusement park all to ourselves!

Fall foliage is beginning to appear

Gloriously sunny but cool. 8 miles


  1. Beautiful!!!

  2. o so beautfiful! 60 degrees is cool? brace yourself for winter honey. There is a reason I plan a St John USVI trip every February 😉

    • I know, Janne, we have been spoiled with lots of good weather on this trip. However, that was the high temp, which was reached for about 15 minutes. Last night it got down to 3 degrees Celsius, but haRVy’s diesel heater kept us warm. We were thinking about those in tents here…

  3. Another beautiful spot.

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