Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 28, 2012

Another spectacular view

Today we rode our bikes in the opposite direction and hiked a boardwalk trail through a large bog area where more eagles flew overhead. We also saw a small black bear, luckily he was a safe distance away.

Lunchtime view from bench along trail

Later we drove a bit further north towards Miramichi. As they day drew to a close we tried another “end of the road” venture in search of a waterfront boondocking spot. We were richly rewarded with a 270-degree dinner view, plus an amazing full moon rise at sunset. We must be doing something right!

Click on this shot to see our full dinner view from haRVy’s settee

Sunny and cool. 65 miles


  1. beautiful moon shot. We saw a beautiful moon over the ocean too. Always wondrous.

  2. Was this the Harvest moon? Certainly was huge here too. This is one of my favorite spots that you stayed at.

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