Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 29, 2012

The last point

Our surrounding view this morning was so peaceful and beautiful we just sat and watched it change as the morning progressed. What a lucky find this place was!

We headed into nearby Miramichi for provisions, diesel fuel, and to do laundry. Then we decided to drive around just one more peninsula before heading back across New Brunswick to Maine. I don’t know how many points of land we’ve driven out to on this trip, but it must be dozens and the northern tip of Miscou Island is likely to be our last. So far, the Acadian Peninsula has been more settled than we expected, but it is interesting, particularly because it is so French. Virtually all the signs are in French only and many of the folks we’ve met don’t speak English.

Tonight we are, once again, camped just a few feet from the ocean. No sunset or full moon though, as it was raining.

Cool, cloudy with intermittent showers. 133 miles


  1. It sure looks great! Your trip to the Maritimes will be one of your best, no doubt.

  2. gorgeous!!

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