Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 30, 2012

Fall foliage found

The weather was quite violent last night with gusty winds and heavy rains, which kept me awake much of the night. My mind was working overtime creating all sorts of unlikely scenarios like the tide rising to abnormal heights and washing us away due to the full moon and substantial rain. Yeah, right…

Last night’s campsite was in a very nice waterfront campground, but other than taking showers, using their WiFi and dumping out, we were unable to enjoy the location as it was still very wet this morning. Did I mention that we were one of two campers here? Except for all the closed campgrounds, attractions, and restaurants (and NO ice cream!), this is a great time to travel.

We headed back out the peninsula via the northern coast route. All the French we’ve observed put me in the mood for a croissant and we lucked out in finding a lovely little Boulangerie, “Grains de Folie” where we enjoyed chicken salad on croissant and cappuccinos for lunch. Between the ambiance set by the café and all the French being spoken around us, it felt just a little like being in Paris.

Today we found peak fall foliage colors near Bathurst, our northernmost destination in New Brunswick. Unfortunately, the rain prevented me from taking photos today. At that point we turned south to cross the middle of the province. If we could drive slow enough, we could keep these beautiful hues within view all the way home.

By the end of the day we were in fly fishing country along the Miramichi River. Since there would be no more ocean view camp sites for a while, Al was determined to get us a place near the river. He took a chance just south of Blackville by driving down Cains River Road where we found a parking spot next to the Upper Blackville Bridge. We had a nice quiet night in this spot that is obviously used for river access by the fisher folk.

No photos today due to the rain…sorry, especially after teasing you with today’s title. Will make up for it tomorrow.

Mostly rainy and cool. Miscou Island to Blackville, New Brunswick. 175 miles

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