Posted by: sunnyharvy | October 1, 2012

More colors than a rainbow

The Miramichi River Valley is the fly fishing capital of New Brunswick and they were lined up on the river this morning.

WOW was the word of the day with phenomenal foliage all along this route displaying more hues and tones than I’ve ever seen. We decided it was like “Vermont on steroids.” The colors drape the rolling hills as far as the eye can see with farms dotting some of the hillsides and the wide blue river running through it all. I hope some of my photos can do it justice.

A small roadside sign directed us to a small covered bridge while another led us to a long suspension foot bridge originally erected in 1938. Traveling relatively slow as we are allows such mini-excursions, which really add to the experience. The suspension bridge was actually a bit hard to find, but when we did we decided it was a nice lunch spot too. We went out onto the bridge but did not cross it entirely as it felt a little too scary with the wind blowing and the river rushing by below.

Lunchtime view

Our intended campground near Fredericton was so disappointing that we redirected ourselves (northerly again!) up the St. John River Valley. This time the campground we drove to, advertised as being open until October 15, was closed. Luckily, we found an even better private spot right on the river just down the road.

Mother Nature put on another fine show tonight with sunset rays upon colorful foliage, beavers busily swimming back and forth, and a beautiful moon rise reflecting on the calm river surface. We feel extremely grateful to be having such rare experiences.

Some sun, some showers, cool. Blackville to Wicklow, New Brunswick. 177 miles


  1. oooh. Almost makes up for coming in off the beach. I walked First Beach today at 2 – sand and water still warm enough for bare feet. We talked about you in Pilates today…figure you ‘ll be showing up any week now

  2. That looks like “Phil Country” ! He loved fly fishing on rivers like this – I would bait fish. Beautiful……….

  3. Really enjoyed your photos today. I used one as my computer background; it was so colorful! I notice and appreciate your flexibility in your travels. A campground is closed, so you move on and find another one, which is better than you could have anticipated. That’s inspirational. Keep up the good postings.

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