Posted by: sunnyharvy | October 3, 2012

Last day in Canada…?

Sunrise from campsite

We reluctantly left our cozy riverside campsite to head a bit further north to Grand Falls, New Brunswick. The main attraction there is a gorge that was formed naturally by giant (grand) falls that are now damned to produce electrical power. Luckily they opened the flood gates before our arrival today so we got to witness quite a show. The lady at the visitor center said it had been dry all summer, right up until this morning!

We took a hike downstream alongside the gorge and it is quite impressive.

Our campground tonight is a few more miles north in St. Leonard. We chose it because it is open, has showers, and is near a border crossing into Maine, near Caribou. We are not exactly sure why, but we both sort of want to visit that town, after which we will seriously begin our southerly trek home.

Our nearly three months in Canada has provided a lifetime of memories. I am happy I decided to keep a blog of our trip as without it everything would just be a blur. Now we can look back and remember our adventure more clearly.

Sunny and warm! Wicklow – St. Leaonard, New Brunswick. 66 miles


  1. Thank you for sharing your adventure I have enjoyed following along.

    • Thanks Mark. Glad you’ve enjoyed my postings. How did you find me/us?

  2. such a beautiful sunrise photo!

    • Thanks. Got lucky on that one, which I too like very much.

      • I cannot tell a lie, that really hepdel.

  3. I love that silvery sunrise photo! Welcome ‘home’. I’m wondering if it still feels like home!


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    • The USA didn’t feel too welcoming at the border check station, but other than that it does feel like home again.

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