Posted by: sunnyharvy | October 4, 2012

Back in the USA!

Looks peaceful doesn’t it? Well it definitely was NOT! All night long trucks rushed by on the highway, trains passed on the rails, and a constant low rumbling sound came from the nearby lumber mill we somehow missed seeing on the way in…aargh. The Grand Riviere Campground in St. Leonard, New Brunswick gets our award for worst place we had to camp on this entire trip. To top it all off, Al had a cold shower in the morning.

Unbeknownst to us, the border crossing here in St. Leonard, New Brunswick is no longer in operation, so we had to drive back down to Grand Falls to enter back into the USA.

U.S. Customs & Immigration had us pull over for a “baggage check.” We had to wait inside, behind double locked doors, while they went through haRVy. It felt a bit too much like prison to me…I even had to ask to get the bathroom unlocked. In the end, I just had to cut open one tomato and two peppers to make sure there were no bugs inside. The officer then proceeded to ask me all sorts of questions about haRVy. The interest in our vehicle is continuous. You can’t own one of these if you don’t want to show it to people.

We headed south on Route 1A to Caribou, Maine where we had lunch next to the river. Proceeding further we were treated to more brilliant foliage all around, as far as we could see. This is beautiful country here with lots of farms and farm stands with fresh produce – yippee!

We stopped in Presque Isle to provision and then ended our day parked at the boat launch ramp at Pleasant Lake in Island Falls, Maine. Took a walk around the area and made it back to haRVy for dinner just as it began to rain (again).

Mostly cloudy and cool. Rain at night. St. Leonard, New Brunswick to Island Falls, Maine. 129 miles


  1. Back in the USA! and not really so bad, it sounds lovely. I’m in the Adirondacks this weekend, stopping every so often to take photos of the breathtaking foliage.

    • You lucky girl, I’m sure it’s beautiful there. Is your sweetie with you?

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