Posted by: sunnyharvy | October 5, 2012

Wandering northern Maine

It rained a lot last night, but at least it was considerably warmer than the night before when temps got down to 39F degrees. We are grateful for our programmable diesel cabin heater, that’s for sure!

This morning it was a bit drier but still cloudy and gray with some fog so the foliage colors are a bit muted.

We made our way south on Route 95 for about an hour, but the monotony got to us so we exited onto a secondary road near Old Town (home of Old Town Canoe Company) where we had lunch next to the river.

The sun returned around 1:30 and it turned into a beautiful afternoon, warm enough to put my flip flops on again, which always makes me happy.

In Bangor we spent some time at Tim Hortons to update this blog and check email. The traffic, noise and confusion of this larger-than-expected city soon rattled our nerves. Luckily we had arranged a quiet campsite at Piper Mountain Christmas Tree Farm just twenty miles away in Newburgh. The several country roads we drove to get here brought us deeper into the beautiful foliage we’d been admiring from afar. It is a beautiful spot and for sale, if you happen to know anyone interested in purchasing a large home, acres of trees, and an historic cemetery. You can order their Christmas trees, wreaths, and gifts at

Good ol’ farm truck – gotta have one

Our gracious Escapee hosts, Jim and Norma Corliss moved here in 1968 where they raised five children. Jim was anxious to hear about our travels in Newfoundland as he hopes they can take an RV trip there someday too.

This incredible property is for sale

Cloudy and cool morning. Sunny and warm afternoon and early evening. Island Falls to Newburgh, Maine. 123 miles

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