Posted by: sunnyharvy | March 24, 2014

Curious Chloride, AZ


First stop after leaving Las Vegas: Hoover Dam. By the way, if you’re thinking that you didn’t see a blog post about our time in Las Vegas, that’s because we basically did a drive through. Just not our cup of tea.


Further along our route to Kingman, AZ, I noticed that we would be just 4 miles from the eclectic town of Chloride, AZ about which I had read enough to be curious.  A few miles off the main highway and many miles back in time, Chloride is a small village of 250 people with 1 motel, 1 convenience store and a few gift shops and lot of local color. The residents pride themselves on their “yard art,” examples of which appear below, but the town is best known for the murals painted by artist Roy Purcell on the granite faces of a nearby canyon.



After a quick pass through, we drove up the dirt road behind town, across the wash, and up the hill. A shop keeper had told us it was “less than a mile” to the murals. After what seemed like a bit further than that, the road got a bit nasty, so we turned around and pulled over to hike the rest of the way.


After what seemed like at least another mile on foot, they finally appeared.






It was pretty late in the afternoon by the time we returned to haRVy and when we got there we realized that we were in a beautiful spot to spend the night. We enjoyed a lovely sunset and quiet night overlooking Chloride. We didn’t see another car until well into the next morning.


After breakfast we went back into town where we took in all the sights which included some local characters, a fake ghost town, an historic jail and train depot, and lots of the aforementioned “yard art.”











I will wrap up this post with a bit of nature’s art. I’ve never seen so many blossoms on one cactus plant.



  1. what a fun place to visit.Love the zombie and Dead Ass photos

  2. This is a Phil type adventure !! We missed this ‘town’ – too bad it looks like fun. We always drove straight through Vegas on our trips west too…………see the dam once is enough. (which I did with Brand X on our ‘honeymoon’.. Fun photos !!

  3. So glad you’re on the road again. Cheers!

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