Posted by: sunnyharvy | May 19, 2014

End to End on the South Rim Part 1

The Grand Canyon is everything they say it is and so much more!

Here’s our first glimpse upon arriving at Desert View just inside the entrance on the East End of the South Rim.


There is absolutely no way anyone can truly capture the grandeur of this amazing place, but we sure did try! Here is a sampling of the hundreds of photographs we shot.


Desert View Watchtower designed by Mary Colter an amazing architect who was way ahead of her time.



Some of the traditional Indian art she commissioned for the walls inside the tower.


The Colorado River making its way through the canyon.


Sunset at Desert View

On our third day we ventured a big further west on the rim to a few of the other lookouts as well as the Tusayan Ruins and Museum.


Lipan Point


Navajo Point panoramic by Al – click on image to see larger version online.


Grandview Point – aptly named, wouldn’t you agree?

The eastern end of the rim is much quieter and less busy than the central village area, which we really appreciated during our three night stay. However, we did eventually join the masses in the heart of Grand Canyon Village. Most visitors come into the park through the South Entrance, go directly to the Visitor Center and out to Mather Point for their first (and often only) view of this truly GRAND canyon. Here’s a typical tourist photo of that view.



Another view from the Grand Canyon Village area

Once we got situated at our new campground we were off on the Park Shuttle to Hopi Point to witness the sunset and full moon rise. Again, very difficult to capture in photos, but we did the best we could.



Stay tuned for Part 2 of our GRAND Canyon adventure.


  1. So beautiful—you certainly captured it for us

  2. You got wonderful pictures !……you should see mine with my dinky camera and the film back then. No shuttle when we were there, but I think Phil found every dirt road around the canyon on both rims. We were usually there off season and got to see it with snow a couple of times. I am still upset I didn’t get to go on Sparky Wilson’s (mineralogy/geology) senior trip to the GC.

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