Posted by: sunnyharvy | May 22, 2014

End to End on the South Rim Part 2


This photo was supposed to appear in last post. It was taken at Yavapai Point.


Our GRAND Canyon adventure continued with a day spent riding the rim on our bicycles. Let me tell you that it was an exhilarating (and exhausting) experience I will not soon forget. The photo above shows how close to the edge (and 5,000-foot drop-off) one is allowed to ride.





Snack break  – nice view, eh?

In the morning we biked the rim trail from the Visitor Center to the South Kaibab Trail and back. I also hiked down the trail a bit to see what it felt like to go below the rim. Here’s a glimpse of what that extremely steep trail looks like. It is wider than most because this is where the mules carry people down to the bottom.



After a brief break for lunch we were off again in the opposite direction. We took the bikes on the shuttle bus for a ride up to Monument Creek and peddled out to Hermit’s Rest (the west end of the road) and then all the way back down to Grand Canyon Village. We thought the ride back would be mostly downhill, but that impression proved incorrect. Luckily the incredible scenery kept our minds occupied as our legs did all the work.



Mary Colter designed this building as well as the Watchtower featured in my last post.


The grand fireplace inside Hermit’s Rest


Stretching my legs


What a day! Our last in this grand location.


  1. Looking good LAL! All that bike riding seems to have you very slim & fit.

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