Posted by: sunnyharvy | July 1, 2014

Cool Colorado – A Taste of Telluride

I have fallen in love.. with Telluride, Colorado! I felt my heart flutter the minute the box canyon in which Telluride sits appeared through our windshield.


Our first stop was the small town run campground, which is conveniently situated a few blocks from the historic downtown district. We got very lucky and scored the best site in the park right on the river for just $12 a night with our senior discount!


This post will provide only a taste of what Telluride has to offer, as we are too busy experiencing it all ourselves right now! It is rare that we spend more than two or three nights in one location (unless visiting friends or family), and we will stay here for at least a week. Even then it will be difficult to leave this incredibly beautiful place that we have managed to visit at absolutely the most beautiful time of year!


Bike ride up the River Trail to the end of the box canyon and a view of Bridal Veil Falls.


Farmer’s Market



If you play right field, this view could be a bit distracting.


Our first ride up the mountain on the free gondola provided this rainbow on the way up and…


this sunset on the way back. Can’t beat that!


How many Main Streets with a view like this have you seen?


The second-oldest operating AC generator in the United States sits at the top of Bridal Veil Falls.


Former houses of ill-repute, now million dollar tiny houses, in historic district.


  1. Hi Leslie,

    My great grandfather (My Mom’s dad dad) used to work in Telluride when he lived in Cortex, CO. One time the snow was early, and they had to spend the whole winter there. I think they where mining, isn’t it an old mining town before it became a ski resort?


    • Yes, Janet, lots of mining history here. It is the original reason for the town’s existence.

  2. WOW ! We’ve never been there. Next trip ! Stay cool – what an extraordinary campsite. Your posts are great. Many thanks !

  3. Knew you would love Telluride ! Surprises me that the camping is $12 and the gondola free – nice…. great pictures !!

    • We were pleasantly surprised about the (senior discount) camping fee too. Definitely a factor in our deciding to stay for a week. It is so convenient and the weather has been perfect so far. Some thunderstorms threaten to dampen things for July 4th though.

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