Posted by: sunnyharvy | July 5, 2014

Telluride Celebrates 4th of July…better than Bristol?

So many locals raved about how much fun the 4th of July celebrations are here in Telluride, Colorado, that we just had to stick around to find out for ourselves. Consequently, we enjoyed more Independence Day fun than I can ever remember having, including in Bristol, Rhode Island, which claims to have the best celebration in the country. It’s probably not fair to compare the two since they are so different, but given the choice we would choose Telluride every time!

The morning parade was a come-one-come-all affair with any and all invited to participate as long as they pre-registered. Every faction of society (and then some) seemed to be represented. The affair was an inch from mayhem for the entire hour and a half, but absolutely hilarious and entertaining to watch.


The crowd gathers.



Bicycles, skate boards, motorcycles, trucks, and cars of all types proceeded down Main Street.
Peddling with skis on could not be easy!


Local veterans received a warm reception from the crowd.


This group wa skind of creepy. What you see in the middle with the eyes, ears, nose and mouth is a guy’s torso.
Some were not attractive, to say the least.


There was lots of young talent on display.



As well as many adults being silly.


These guys call themselves “Men Without Rhythm,” but I enjoyed watching them line dance.



A few marching (and riding) bands participated.
Despite their appearance, this one included extremely talented musicians.
Later in the day they put on several impressive performances.


Of course dogs had to get in on the act. They are everywhere here!
Telluride has to be the most dog-friendly town in America.


Pirates from the local Elks Club navigate their boat to help promote their Buccaneer’s Ball fundraiser,
which we plan to attend.


Characters represented the Telluride Theater Group.


A brainy bunch that meets here every year.


Not sure exactly what this group (and several others) was really all about, but they were having a good time.


There were even a few make-shift floats.


And plenty of spectators!

After the parade the crowd proceeded down Main Street to the Town Park where the local Fire Department put on a cook-out, as well as lots of fun games for all ages. The most amusing game to watch was a sort of kick-ball played sort of like baseball, but the players were required to slide into each base via wet and soapy slip-and-slides.  The fireworks display that capped off the day’s festivities was quite impressive as well. I believe a good time was had by all and the town doesn’t appear to be any worse for the wear!

Al took some video footage that may better portray the exuberance exhibited. You can view that HERE along with several other short videos he recently uploaded.


  1. Looks like you picked the best place to be this week!!!

  2. Fun !!

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