Posted by: sunnyharvy | March 10, 2015

Big Sur Coast Continued


McWay Falls at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Did the above photo get your attention? Pretty amazing scene, isn’t it? Yes, the water really is turquoise, much like the Caribbean. Unfortunately, there is no safe way to get down to the beautiful beach. Of course, that is part of its intrigue. Both the falls and the point from which this photo was taken have an interesting story, which you can read by following the links provided above.



View in the opposite direction (to the north) from the same lookout.

After another brilliant day of touring the Big Sur coast, we grabbed the last site available at Kirk’s Creek Campground, which included an expansive ocean view up the coast.


Watching the sun set.


Morning view from upstairs bedroom window.


Small rocky beach accessible from campground.


Wild Columbine



Kirk Creek, the campground’s namesake, where it flows into the ocean.

Sand Dollar Beach, one of the largest sandy beaches in Big Sur, lies just five miles south of the campground. We walked along the bluff above as well as the length of the beach to the cave at the far end.







Next up was a short hike up Salmon Creek to view some picturesque pools and a triple waterfall. Unfortunately, it was very difficult to attain a good angle for photographing the falls.


Al rock hopping his way upstream.


The best shot I was able get of the falls.


Our last view of the Big Sur Coast from Ragged Point.



Al drowning his sorrows about having to leave this beautiful area with an afternoon treat.


  1. What kind of camera are you using these days?

    • Except when I (rarely) need my Canon telephoto zoom, I use my trusty Panasonic Lumix point and shoot. It’s all about the optics and Lumix is among the best.

  2. We had talked about the Panasonic Lumix–because that is what I had (until it died). I got the new Lumix 30x and returned it. Which one do you have?

    • DMC-TS1 that is a few years old now. I bought the waterproof model because we were going to Hawaii where we used it snorkeling.

  3. beautiful beautiful photos!!

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