Posted by: sunnyharvy | March 13, 2015

Our Coastal Tour Comes to an End

We have been touring the amazing coast of Northern and Central California since entering the state from Oregon on January 22nd. Not many get the opportunity to spend that much time exploring Route 1 and we enjoyed every moment… perhaps even more than any other segment of this extensive journey.

We made a few more stops before (sadly) leaving the Pacific behind.


Moonstone Beach


The strong offshore wind blew the tops off the waves.


This “wavebow” was much more brilliant than what shows in this photo. Fun to see, but difficult to capture.


 Morro Bay


Harbor-side boondock

Route166 0666

Heading inland via Route 166.


The highlight of “downtown” New Cuyama.


Free primitive camping off Route 33 on NFS land.


Early morning full moon setting over the foothills.

Route33 0673

We’re not at the beach anymore!


Beautiful Ojai Valley

We are now taking a break at our turn-around spot in Camarillo, CA, where my brother and his wife are graciously hosting us again. We’re using this time to work on our taxes and other tasks that are difficult to complete while driving and sightseeing everyday. Once we are caught up, we will head to the east side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains to travel Route 395 north. Our summer destination is British Columbia, Alaska and The Yukon. We will miss the beaches, but I’m sure there will be lots of interesting sights to fill the void. Stay tuned.

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  1. We have thoroughly enjoyed your journey down the California Coast. Thank you for the wonderful commentary and beautiful pictures. I am retiring from teaching in June and my husband and I will be on our full time road trip too. Thank you, Susan

    • Will you be keeping a blog, Susan?

      • I’m not sure,maybe after we become comfortable to traveling and living in a 21 foot trailer!.

  2. Try to eat at NoSo Vita while in Ojai. It is my friend’s new place and pretty great!

  3. what a beautiful moon shot! and what gorgeous purple (or are they blue?) flowers in Morro Bay!
    I learned today from Willywaw at the Farmers Mkt how to take beautfiul clear ocean wave photos : choose the time of day, most likely early morning, so they are backlit; take them in winter when the sun is lower; stand physically close to the waves – the telephoto tends to flatten them photo out. So he is standing in the ocean, with waterproof suit on, keeping his camera in his jacket until he takes the photo. And they are gorgeous. I’m saving up for one for my house gift for Jim and I.
    The ocean awaits you here anytime xo

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