Posted by: sunnyharvy | April 25, 2015

More Northeastern California

McArthur Burney Falls State Park was going to be a lunch stop, but it was so beautiful we decided to savor the hike to the falls and camp overnight. Having that sort of flexible schedule has really made this journey especially enjoyable.


Rainbow Bridge over Burney Creek.


As the brochure says… “Waterfalls are rare geologic forms, and Burney Falls is rare amount waterfalls because it is fed from both a stream going ‘over the rim’ AND from a line of springs flowing out of the rock part way down the fall’s near-vertical cliff face. Few sites in the world have this extraordinary combination of falling waters issuing from two distinctly different levels.”




The falls were called “the Eighth Wonder of the World” by President Theodore Roosevelt, and declared a National Natural Landmark in December 1984.


The next day we were off to Mt. Shasta where we provisioned and enjoyed a delicious, healthy lunch at Berryvale Natural Foods before heading uphill to the (seasonal) end of Everitt Memorial Highway.





Gotta love wearing flip-flops in the snow!


Distant view of Mt. Shasta from the campground at Lake Siskiyou.


  1. Spectacular – love the waterfalls. Will be interested in hearing about Mt. Shasta!

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