Posted by: sunnyharvy | April 26, 2015

Last of CA and into Oregon

Along a quiet stretch of Route 97, northwest of Mt. Shasta, is a remarkably moving place.


The Living Memorial Sculpture Garden, created by Vietnam veteran and sculpture artist, Dennis Smith, was dedicated as a war memorial, but the metal sculptures evoke a powerful sense of striving for peace. Groupings are arranged within walking distance of each other with the stark landscape and lovely distant view of Mount Shasta as a backdrop.


“POW – MIA” – Imagine confinement, mosquitoes,leaches, rats, rotten rice, rotten fish, abusive guards, and little chance of survival. Hope is reaching for the will to hang on (copy from self-guided tour brochure).


“Wounded Warrior” symbolizes all service-connected wounds, physical and psychological.


“Coming Home”

The “Peaceful Warrior” graces the entrance. Artist’s statement: “There must be those who, loving peace, still fight against aggression to preserve that peace. There is no contradiction in this. As long as such warrior are needed, The Peaceful Warrior honors those who step forward when asked to do so.”

We spent the last three months touring the State of California. It would probably take at least another year to even get close to feeling like we’d seen it all. I know I’m a bit prejudiced having been born here, but California truly is a natural wonderland (once you get away from the population centers).

After crossing over into Oregon, we were off to Waldo Lake, reportedly one of the purest in the world. It has no inlet and thus depends entirely on snow melt and rain fall to keep it full. We had hoped to camp there overnight, but we found a few obstacles in our way.


Can’t get to that campground!


Someone had cleared enough of this tree for us to get through here.

At the end of the road shown above, we found a nice spot to have lunch and a quick lakeside hike. However, we didn’t find anywhere to camp and the weather was threatening, so we headed back down the hill to spend the night next to Crescent Creek.


Waldo Lake


Crescent Creek

The next day we made our way up the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway as far as it was open near Elk Lake. The rest of the road won’t open for another few weeks. That’s one of the drawbacks of traveling off-season, but the lack of crowds is worth some of the inconvenience. We had this entire area almost totally to ourselves.


We were lucky to have clear weather to view the distant snow-capped peaks across multiple lakes.

Later we retired to the Widgie Creek Golf Club in Bend, OR were we spent a quiet night camped out in their parking lot. I stealthily entered the “Members Only” ladies lounge to take a nice, hot shower. The next day we took more scenic back roads to Eugene and eventually to Nancy and Bob’s house in Dexter, OR. I met Nancy in 7th grade… some 50+ years ago!


Sahalie Falls along Route 126.


Koosah Falls. Can’t we somehow send some of that water to California?

We are now luxuriating in our friends’ hospitality. Taking advantage of their fine company, flat driveway, plus laundry and bathroom facilities (who could ask for more!?). Their home is in a very quiet area surrounded by dense forests and hills. Thank you both for making us feel so comfortable!

We will continue our slow trek northward towards Canada and Alaska soon.


  1. Wow! I love seeing all that water. Glad you got a hot shower… Sweet!

  2. how many years ago ;)) ?

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