Posted by: sunnyharvy | June 16, 2015

Making Tracks Towards Alaska


Our next stop was at Robson Provincial Park. Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, towers over the lesser surrounding peaks. It is rare to see the absolute peak, but we almost did as shown above (from the Visitor Center) and below (from our campground).



And one more from the highway.

With our expectations for this area of the Canadian Rockies met and exceeded, we are ready and anxious to get moving towards Alaska.


Lots of work went into constructing these stairways and ramps at Rearguard Falls…


So visitors can get this close to the action (no telephoto used). The obvious power of the water was amazing to feel!


Free campsite on the shore of LaSalle Lake. We were only ones there.


We scored another free campsite the next night at Kerry Lake. However, we weren’t so lucky inasmuch as we didn’t get a waterside site and there were several other campers. Can’t complain about the price though and it was quiet. The area did include some strange artifacts as shown in the photos below.





I’d like to share a bit about our lunch stop in McBride, BC at their heritage Railway Station. Until 1970 this town had no highway access so all people, supplies, and other goods arrived by rail. The town’s motto is “A Town on Track.” The old station has been restored and converted to serve several purposes: Visitor Info Center, Art Gallery, and the Beanery Cafe. The former baggage room contains a rather extensive model train display.


While all that was interesting, the people we met are what made the stop memorable. The slightly cantankerous middle-aged female owner/cook, the young lady who cheerfully handled everything else in the cafe, Edgar, their aged former rancher and 2 pm daily guest, who arrived right on time for his tea and cookie, the gallery attendant, and the two characters who ran the model trains for us. It all added up to a nice dose of small-town culture.


Bijoux Falls


Lunch view the next day.



  1. Love your telling about the McBride BC Railway Station characters – sounds like the beginning of a novel! I have such a heart connection with all that water – our life blood. We love seeing your slide show with wonderful narrative… inspirational about connecting with nature’s extraordinary wonder.

  2. Love you lunch stop……..

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