Posted by: sunnyharvy | June 23, 2015

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs


As far as we could see, the only attraction worth visiting in the town of Watson Lake, Yukon is the Sign Post Forest. We also visited the Northern Lights Space and Science Center, but that is definitely not something to write home about.


In case you can’t read the copy in the photo above, the Sign Post Forest was started by a homesick GI in 1942. Today it takes up a couple of acres, with huge new panels snaking through the trees being constantly added. There are street signs, welcome signs, signatures on dinner plates, and license plates from around the world.


Can you believe somebody would carry this huge directional sign all the way from Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts to display it here?



Another “German Assault Vehicle,” as I have decided to call them.


Rancheria Falls – short hike to stretch our legs after a few more hours of driving.


Camped for the night overlooking Teslin Lake. We must have picked the best campsite as several other visitors brought their cameras over to take photos.


Yes, that is a bicyclist traveling the Alaska Highway. There are not many as this is a LONG difficult road with hundreds of miles between accommodating places to stop for the night. 


These vehicles are a few of the thousands left behind after World War II.





This campground in Whitehorse, YT had almost everything one could want (except Hot Springs). It had a unique community feeling to it too, which was probably because it was primarily for tent campers who are always more sociable than RVer. Unfortunately, the traffic noise was so bad that we left after one night.



Hippy Yuppy Coffee Shop, Ice Cream Parlor, and Campground Office.


  1. ahem, do you think all those signs were stolen from their original location?

  2. Yimminy! And what is around the next bend, me wonders?!*

  3. We are a few weeks ahead of you in Alaska Some great ideas: Hucky hobbit house campsite along Slana river – day float the river stay at Steve and Joys, ask at ranger station for details

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  4. We are a few weeks ahead of you Check out our blog postings for ideas…

    This specific post has our route so far the map is updated in real time even though it’s an old post

    Specific highlights: Go to the bakery in Haines Junction, live music and salmon bake Friday nights, reserve your salmon early

    Lots of bears on the Cassier Highway

    Go to McCarthy, AK, open mic on Thursday nights in town Great burgers too at “the potatoe” Visit the Kennecott mine

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    • Thanks David. Hope we get to meet up with you guys. Thanks for the suggestions.

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